Our team at G4 believe that a proactive approach plus clear communication are paramount to delivering a fabulous project and client experience. Our goal when building your dream is to make the entire process as smooth, as enjoyable, as possible.At any stage in a project our team are available to assist, advise and support you. To help navigate the various levels of red tape around construction all the way on up to the final handover our experience is available. G4 always engage skilled and trustworthy professionals placing safety and communication first to deliver on time, quality and peace of mind.


G4 provide a complete specialist fit out and construction service working across the retail, commercial space. We engage any retail and commercial project with a collaborative and inclusive approach. With each project we install a clear communication structure between clients, design teams, trades and centre management. All involved, working together to deliver the vision, on time, on budget.

The retail and commercial fit out sector has seen G4 deliver a vast range of projects from boutique casual dining, fast food outlets to coffee shops, child care play lands, indoor swim centres and corporate office installations. A few of these our projects really differentiate themselves from your standard retail installations, a direct result of the increased levels of specialist kitchen equipment, enhanced hygiene requirements, filtration rooms, custom security and IT systems.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality backed up by a professional and efficient service every time.”  PHILL GEORGE - Managing Director


A G4 home is a special place, it consists of high-quality design and finishes but its built on the solid relationship between the G4 team and our clients. We have years of experience in our team that extends way beyond conventional building and construction. By doing things differently G4 has built a reputation for delivering unique luxury homes.

“We love a creative challenge.”  ROBIN SNOW - General Manager


We know that space is always an issue when renovating and that every project is different with its own set of challenges. The G4 team bring a design thinking approach to each renovation project thats grounded in efficiency and innovation. We like to add value where it counts to ensure the optimum balance of time, cost and quality is delivered. Thanks to years of experience we have the flexibility to adapt and manage renovation challenges and changes in expectations and objectives.

“We truly are small enough to care and big enough to cope.”  PHILL GEORGE - Managing Director



I would highly recommend G4 for any project large or small. They were our first choice when we renovated the roof and upstairs living area of our beachside unit. Nothing was too difficult, Phil, Robin and the team had solutions for all our concerns. They had to work through some extreme weather conditions and did so without any damage to the levels below. Communication was excellent, the job was done in our absence and we were kept well informed at every stage with photos and p hone calls. The experience was so positive that we’ve chosen G4 again to build our new home.

Sue & Peter

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